About Jahan

About Jahan

Jahan Walté Dotson, born in Newark, New Jersey on March 22nd 2000. At a very young age he grew up in New Jersey and spent a lot of time at his grandparents house who used to care for him while parents were sacrificing working. He trained hard to get his football journey started with his cousin Phil. His parents thought it was the best decision to move to PA for their son so they left NJ in the 2nd grade.

Jahan was a highly coveted WR in high school receiving over 30 scholarship offers from the biggest universities in the world. He spent his first 2 years at Nazareth HS before transferring to Peddie Prep in NJ for his junior year. He would later transfer back to Nazareth for his senior year where he holds most if not all the WR records for the school. Jahan originally committed to UCLA, however he flipped his commitment to stay home & attend Penn State University where he would go on to break several records and finish top 3 in almost every WR category in the books. He was the First WR out of Penn State to get drafted in the 1st round since 2003 breaking a long drought.

Nfl Journey

NFL Journey

Jahan was selected 16th overall by the Washington Commanders in the 2022 NFL draft. He started his rookie year with an amazing 2 touchdown performance in his debut in week 1 where he would go on to win 1 of his 2 Pepsi Rookie of the Week awards. The 2nd time was in week 15 after catching 4 passes for 105 yards and a touchdown on primetime MNF against the Giants. Although he suffered a hamstring injury and missed 5 games Dotson would go on to finish tied 1st for all rookies with 7 TDs on the year. He finished his rookie campaign with 35 receptions for 523 yards and 7 TDs. (Tied 1st for rookies).